Artist Statement

Soda firing records the information of the fire on the surface of objects in a way unattainable by any other method. I have devoted the two years of my residency at Pottery Northwest to investigating the nature of soda firing. In these two years I have learned that the pots depend on one another to create specific marks and surfaces in the kiln. This phenomenon indicates parallels connoting interactivity, proximity, and individuality.

My current body of work is an exploration of using soda firing to describe how we, as a community of individuals, interact with each other and ourselves. We celebrate our triumphs as a group and mourn our losses together, we enter partnerships and form relationships, some fleeting and some permanent, and, finally, we seek peace and solitude in the interstices of an increasingly chaotic world. The quiet conversations in these moments of introspection seem to be a balm for the savagery of existence. It is my hope that this collection of objects creates a conversation where these moments can exist.